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Chicory Italiko Red

Chicorium intybus

Red chicory is small in size and has a strong rust colour. The red chicory microgreens can be harvested when they are around 10 centimeters in height. They can be used in any home kitchen to add vital dietary nutrients to dishes that are produced.

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• Nr of seeds for grams: 800
• Seed Presoak: 4/5 hours
• Harvest time: 16/25 days

Nutritional benefits of chicory microgreens

There are several nutritional benefits to be had from including chicory microgreens in a healthy diet. They contain several essential vitamins including A and C, and often vitamins of the B group. Red chicory also contains calcium which helps to keep bones in good condition. One of the most useful nutritional elements of red chicory is the fibre that it contains; this helps with maintaining the health of the digestive system.

Health benefits 

Most people who eat food want it to be an overall healthy experience. Red chicory is a useful element of any balanced diet as it has several properties which promote good health.

  • Helps to regulate the work of the liver and pancreas;
  • assists with regulating blood sugar levels in the body (useful for people who suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes);
  • helps with detoxifying the body;
  • improves memory and mental clarity;
  • prevent hair loss;
  • helps to control skins conditions such as acne and eczema;
  • control cholesterol levels;
  • improves digestion.

The health benefits of red chicory make it a plant that is worth cultivating for use in the kitchen.

Taste and use of chicory microgreens

Red chicory has a strong and bitter taste that can add interest to any salad. It helps to balance sweet tones that may be present in a dish. Red chicory is a plant that can be eaten raw but can also be fried off with garlic and ginger as part of an appetizing stir fry.

It can also be included in homemade savory pies, for an added intensity of flavour.
It’s a versatile plant that is an excellent accompaniment to meats and fish, making it a staple in many kitchens.

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