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      Nutritional benefits of broccoli raabs microgreens

      One of the main nutritional elements that is present in broccoli raabs is calcium. This helps to maintain bone health in the body and can be especially useful when dealing with conditions such as osteoporosis. These microgreens also contain vital vitamins A, B2 and C. These nutrients make them ideal as a meat substitute. Pregnant women often benefit from eating broccoli raabs microgreens as they contain folate which is especially important during pregnancy.

      Health benefits

      Broccoli raabs microgreens are not just convenient to grow, they can also add a healthy touch to any meal. The health benefits that these micro-greens provide include:

      - assisting the cardio-vascular system of the body;

      - helping to control cholesterol levels;

      - stimulation of the immune system to help ward off common conditions such as colds;

      - assisting metabolism which can help with weight loss.

      The presence of all of these benefits means that broccoli raabs are becoming a popular addition to many home kitchens.

      Taste and use of broccoli raabs microgreens

      One of the best things about broccoli raabs microgreens is that they can easily be grown in any urban home as cultivation does not require a lot of space. This means that anyone can get excellent nutritional and health benefits from using these micro-greens in their kitchen. It takes just a few days from germination for the micro-greens to be ready for harvesting. Then they can be used in many different ways. Many people fry this micro-greens with garlic and ginger, or they can be used as an attractive addition to a plate of salad or as a pizza topping. There are many innovative ways to get the best from broccoli raabs in the kitchen.

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