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      Nutritional benefits of alfalfa microgreens

      Alfalfa microgreens are a powerful antioxidant. They also contain many of the vitamins that you should have in your daily diet.

      A, B1, B6, C, E and K. In addition, you can get the benefit of an intake of calcium, potassium, carotene, iron and zinc, if you eat alfalfa microgreens on a regular basis.

      Health benefits

      If you use alfalfa in your meals at home, your health can benefit in several ways.

      - Increased amounts of soluble fibre which aids digestion;

      - supplement for protein levels;

      - provision of folic acid which can be especially important during pregnancy;

      - provision of vitamins and minerals which aid with overall health;

      - you get to eat a tasty food and feel better as a result.

      Taste and use of alfalfa microgreens

      In parts of the world where food resources are low, alfalfa (as a good source of protein) can be especially useful. In your own kitchen, you can use dried microgreens to add flavour to the soups or risottos that you make. Being able to use alfalfa microgreens when dried is useful because it means that you can use what you need fresh and store the rest in an airtight jar.

      If you are using alfalfa microgreens fresh, they are an excellent addition to any salad, providing a different texture and flavour. You get to add vital protein to your diet without having to eat the high levels of fat that some other high-protein foods contain. You also improve your digestive system due to the fiber that is present in these microgreens. This is especially useful if you tend to suffer from constipation on a regular basis.

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