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      Nutritional benefits of kohlrabi red microgreens

      Red kohlrabi contains high levels of vitamin C which is essential to human health. It also contains magnesium, potassium and glucosinolates which can help the body fight cancer. The plant is also hypocaloric which means that it’s very low in calories. This is useful if you include it in your diet when you are trying to lose weight.

      Health benefits of kohlrabi red microgreens

      It can provide several benefits for your health, if you include it in your regular diet. This is why it makes sense to cultivate it yourself at home. The benefits you could experience include:

      - antioxidant properties helping to protect against free radicals;

      - anti-inflammatory properties protecting against conditions such as the common cold;

      - increased metabolism;

      - prevention of the appearance of cancer;

      - reduction in the chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease;

      - assistance with healthy digestion;

      - improved nail, hair and skin health;

      - reduction in cholesterol levels;

      - assistance with bone health vital when osteoporosis is present.

      Protecting your health is important and eating kohlrabi can help.

      Taste and use

      The root and microgreens of red kohlrabi are very different from each other. The microgreens are acidic but pleasant to taste and the leaves make an excellent addition to any green salad.

      You can use them in exactly the same way as you would rocket leaves. You can also add the leaves of kohlrabi microgreens to a low-fat cracker or use them as a garnish for a pizza that you have cooked at home. It’s useful to know that you can also blend the leaves with celery, apple and carrot if you have indigestion.

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      Tutto perfettamente in ordine

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      Natalia Bolvacheva
      Germogli Grano Saraceno Sinai

      Germogliazione di tutti i semi andato molto bene, tranne il grano saraceno Sinai. Non so dove sono sbagliata, sono germogliati giusto una decina... Pazienza, devo riprovare. Grazie per il vostro impegno e vostri consigli. Buon lavoro.

      Claudio Delfreo

      Cavolo rapa rosso Red Kardinal