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      Nutritional benefits of broccoli calabrese microgreens

      Nutrition is important for anyone who wants to lead a healthy life. Broccoli calabrese microgreens provide high levels of nutrients that everyone should include in their diet. These nutrients include vitamin C, sodium, potassium, iron, calcium and selenium. They’re also high in fiber making it well-suited to help with digestion.

      Health benefits

      Given the number of nutrients that are present in broccoli calabrese microgreens, it’s not surprising that they come with several health benefits.

      - Reduction of feelings of hunger so can aid wait lost;

      - help with the reduction of headaches and migraine;

      - assistance with the relief of constipation;

      - help with the prevention of tumours;

      - especially useful in helping to reduce the risk of skin cancer;

      - reduction in the amount of sugar that is absorbed in the blood.

      Taste and use of broccoli calabrese microgreens

      One of the best things about this microgreens is that it can easily be cultivated in a home kitchen, so that it’s ready to eat or to use when food is being prepared.

      These microgreens can be used as part of a fresh green salad, with some Greek cheese and some mixed leaves. They can also be added to pasta or added to a vegetarian burger mix, together with chickpeas, breadcrumbs and egg.

      Anyone who is looking to eat snacks that are healthier can put Broccoli calabrese micro-vegetables on a low fat cracker with some low fat soft cheese or lean ham. It’s a versatile micro-vegetable that is healthy to eat.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Lorenzo Giordano

      Broccolo calabrese Sibari

      i test vanno abbastanza bene

      stiamo valutando diversi substrati, alcuni inediti per questo impiego ma molto interessanti

      Hazel Smith
      Excellent product

      Arrived safely well packed and cool. Only just started to use them.

      Gabriele zangarelli
      Ottima qualità

      Appena fatto il primo raccolto, prodottosi alta qualità, consigliato