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      Nutritional benefits of onion microgreens

      Onion microgreens contain many nutrients, minerals and vitamins, including:

      - carbohydrates (starch, fructose);

      - dietary fiber;

      - fats;

      - proteins;

      - vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9 (folic acid), C;

      - amino acids;

      - calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, potassium;

      - phytonutrients;

      - antioxidants (flavonoids).

      Health benefits of onion microgreens

      - Provides a natural source of vitamins and minerals for all-round nutritional support.

      - High in phytonutrients: support gastro-intestinal health; may be effective in treating tumours, especially in the colon, stomach and prostate.

      - High in antioxidants: help fight free radicals and lower the risk of cancer.

      - Flavonoids may help reduce the risk of Parkinson’s Disease, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

      - Flavonoids may also reduce the symptoms of bladder infections.

      - Promotes prostate health and lower blood pressure.

      - Excellent source of B-complex vitamins: supports nervous system health and regulates body metabolism.

      Taste and use

      Onion microgreens are usually combined with other ingredients, to flavour a recipe or dish. While used in kitchens all over the world, onions are rarely the main ingredient. Recipes that use onion as the main ingredient include roasted onion and onion soup.

      Their slight sweetness make onions one of the most versatile ingredients in any kitchen. They can be added to soups, salads and virtually any hot dishes. Try adding some or caramelized or sautéed onions into your gravies and soups. Chopped and sautéed onions are also a delicious addition to mashed potatoes.

      Customer Reviews

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      Non posso stare senza...

      Crescono benissimo e sono buonissimi! Le mie insalate e zuppe chiedono sempre i microgreens di cipolla ormai :) Bellissimi anche per imbellire il piatto!

      alessandro gaiardoni

      Il materiale è arrivato ma non avevo dubbi.
      È la risposta alla mia domanda che mi mi ha fatto capire che c'è dietro un'azienda, un imprenditore.
      Grazie Ramon. Ti disturberò ancora dato che ho in mente un piano di sviluppo.