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      Nutritional benefits of amaranth microgreens

      Amaranth microgreens contain vitamins A and C. They’re also an excellent source of lysine, one of the amino acids that help to build protein in the body. Amaranth also contains iron and high levels of vitamin K. It’s best to eat the plant raw if you want to optimize its nutritional value.

      Taste and use of amaranth microgreens

      The most common use for amaranth microgreens in the kitchen is to provide extra flavour to meals that are produced. Amaranth has an acid taste but it’s pleasant when used in the right proportions. The best way to eat amaranth is raw. This means that it does not lose any of the nutrients that are so good for your health. Include amaranth microgreens on the plate when creating salad dishes, to provide an extra pop of taste and make the meal more interesting. They add some flavour but does not spoil the overall balance of a dish, making the end result great to eat.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      nino takidze

      Semi per microgreens - Amaranto rosso Flame

      michele Fazi

      Qualità dei prodotti e professionalità al 100%. Consiglio vivamente! Ormai diventato il mio riferimento per le sementi di microgreens! Soddisfatto!

      Daniele Di Maria

      Semi per microgreens - Amaranto rosso Flame

      Juan Paiz

      Semi per microgreens - Amaranto rosso Flame

      Soddisfazione totale

      Con Italian Sprout ho trovato un partner di i grande professionalità e disponibilità, prodotti di altissima qualità e consegne super veloci e puntuali... Grazie grazie