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      Nutritional benefits of amaranth microgreens

      Amaranth microgreens contain vitamins A and C. They’re also an excellent source of lysine, one of the amino acids that help to build protein in the body. Amaranth also contains iron and high levels of vitamin K. It’s best to eat the plant raw if you want to optimize its nutritional value.

      Health benefits of amaranth

      Eating amaranth microgreens on a regular basis can be good for your health in several ways:

      - powerful antioxidant properties to protect against free radicals;

      - zero cholesterol in the amaranth microgreens;

      - help to improve the health of hair and skin;

      - help to maintain healthy bones;

      - reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular problems;

      - improve the strength of the body’s immune system;

      - amaranth microgreens help to strengthen teeth and gums;

      - provide a good level of fiber;

      - improve the absorption of calcium in the body, so can assist with osteoporosis;

      - contain oxalic acid;

      - given all of the health benefits of amaranth, you can see why it’s often cultivated for use in home kitchens.

      Taste and use of amaranth microgreens

      The most common use for amaranth microgreens in the kitchen is to provide extra flavour to meals that are produced. Amaranth has an acid taste but it’s pleasant when used in the right proportions. The best way to eat amaranth is raw. This means that it does not lose any of the nutrients that are so good for your health. Include amaranth microgreens on the plate when creating salad dishes, to provide an extra pop of taste and make the meal more interesting. They add some flavour but does not spoil the overall balance of a dish, making the end result great to eat.

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      Davide Bacci

      Amaranto rosso Flame

      Yolanda Sorita

      Nos ha encantado la rapidez de su respuesta y el trato hacia nosotros, el servicio ha sido espectacular. En cuanto a las semillas todavía no las hemos podido probar pero estoy segura de que irán muy bien. Gracias por todo, volveré a comprar, sin duda.