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      Eating Sprouts: How to do it with safety

      Mangiare i germogli: come farlo in modo sicuro

      Is it sprouts or microgreens? I know it can get super confusing to differentiate between sprouts and microgreens, so here are some differences I have gotten to know over time that will definitely help. Sprouts VS. Microgreens – What’s the Difference? Well, first off, they do have different appearances. Most microgreens are green in color […]

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      All About Mucilaginous Seeds

      Semi mucillaginosi: cosa sono e come coltivarli

      If you’re reading about microgreens, mucilaginous is a word you’ll come across frequently. This is because a very wide variety of microgreens have mucilaginous seeds, and here’s why a microgreen grower must know about it. What are Mucilaginous Seeds? Mucilaginous is an adjective derived from mucilage. Mucilage is a gelatinous substance naturally secreted by seeds […]

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      Sprouts: How to Grow them at Home

      Germogli: come coltivarli a casa

      Growing sprouts is essentially the practice of germinating seeds so that they are easier to digest and we can get the most out of all their nutrients. Sprouts are a food high in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and fiber. And thanks to the rise of healthy eating, you can start seeing them on the shelves […]

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      What are the Differences Between Sprouts and Microgreens?

      Quali sono le differenze tra i Germogli e i Microgreens?
      Vegetables seemed to have gone out of fashion for far a long time. They have not only been the second or third choice food for just the kids, but adults too try to avoid them when they can. Their usage primarily had become limited as a decoration for fancy dishes. Given their nutritional value, doctors, […]

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