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      Eating Sprouts: How to do it with safety

      Mangiare i germogli: come farlo in modo sicuro

      Is it sprouts or microgreens? I know it can get super confusing to differentiate between sprouts and microgreens, so here are some differences I have gotten to know over time that will definitely help. Sprouts VS. Microgreens – What’s the Difference? Well, first off, they do have different appearances. Most microgreens are green in color […]

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      All About Mucilaginous Seeds

      Semi mucillaginosi: cosa sono e come coltivarli

      If you’re reading about microgreens, mucilaginous is a word you’ll come across frequently. This is because a very wide variety of microgreens have mucilaginous seeds, and here’s why a microgreen grower must know about it. What are Mucilaginous Seeds? Mucilaginous is an adjective derived from mucilage. Mucilage is a gelatinous substance naturally secreted by seeds […]

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      Sprouts: How to Grow them at Home

      Germogli: come coltivarli a casa

      Growing sprouts is essentially the practice of germinating seeds so that they are easier to digest and we can get the most out of all their nutrients. Sprouts are a food high in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and fiber. And thanks to the rise of healthy eating, you can start seeing them on the shelves […]

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      Microgreens – Everything You Need to Know

      Microgreens: tutto quello che serve sapere
      What are Microgreens? Microgreens are tiny edible seedlings collected after germination, specifically after the appearance of their first two true leaves. The main difference between a microgreen and an outbreak is that the shoots are intended to be consumed alongside the seed and the root. The microgreens are ready to be harvested in a period of […]

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