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      Microgreens – Everything You Need to Know

      Microgreens: tutto quello che serve sapere
      What are Microgreens? Microgreens are tiny edible seedlings collected after germination, specifically after the appearance of their first two true leaves. The main difference between a microgreen and an outbreak is that the shoots are intended to be consumed alongside the seed and the root. The microgreens are ready to be harvested in a period of […]

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      Growing Microgreens Without Soil – Is It A Good Idea?

      Come crescere i Microgreen senza terreno - è una buona idea?
      Microgreens are young plants that vary from 1-3 inches in size. Even though they are small, they pack a more nutritional and healthier punch than larger field crops. Microgreens are a great way to grow fresh, organic fruits, vegetables and herbs in your homes. Microgreens have high antioxidant content, which reduces the risk of […]

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      How to Grow Beet Microgreens At Home


      Microgreens are so easy to grow that now, practically anyone can grow them at home! With a healthier and more nutritious punch. They might be small in size, but the best part is that most microgreens only need up to a month or even 2-3 weeks to grow and mature. However, today we’ll be talking […]

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      The Best Soil To Grow Microgreens

      Substrati per microgreens, quali utilizzare?
      Planting seeds to grow your microgreens and other plants imply knowing a lot about the soil where you have chosen to put them. In this post, we are going to deal with the issue of planting microgreens and talk about the most optimal soil to do so. Planting The verb ‘sow’ comes from Latin and means […]

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      Reasons to Include Microgreens in Your Diet

      Micro ortaggi: perché mangiarli, come coltivarli
      A healthy life is something we all wish to live. But it is scientifically impossible to achieve this with the eating habits that we currently have. How is it possible then? The answer is simple – eat healthy. How can you eat healthy? Microgreens are essentials that you should add to your diet and meals without […]

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