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      Soybean is a legume belonging to the Fabaceae family widely cultivated in East Asia for its edible seed with numerous uses. Nowadays it is possible to say that soy is one of the major crops as it is often consumed both as a staple food for humans and as food for animals. In traditional unfermented foods, soy is used to make soy milk, which in turn is used to make tofu.


      With a sweet, delicate and crunchy taste, soy sprouts are characterized by being a good source of folic acid, vitamin C and proteins. Likewise, bean sprouts have a high fiber content making them a great way to add more crunch to spring salads.


      Yellow soybean sprouts contain:

      • magnesium
      • zinc
      • vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, K
      • folic acid
      • lecithin
      • soccer
      • iron
      • fibers

      Yellow soybean: THE USES IN THE KITCHEN 

      Yellow Soybean sprouts can be used to make dishes even richer and more substantial. With few calories, they are particularly recommended for those who follow low-calorie diets. Very crunchy if eaten raw, they become soft and sweet-tasting if steamed or sautéed. These sprouts can also be ingredients in first courses, second courses or even desserts. Some examples could be: a first course based on rice seasoned with soy, a pie with soy sprouts and pumpkin, a dessert based on chocolate and soy sprouts, an omelette with soy sprouts. Accompanied with salads, raw, they give crunchiness. If enriched with a drop of extra virgin olive oil and salt they represent a pleasant summer side dish. If, however, you want to make them soft on the palate and with a sweeter flavour, use the steamer. Just a few minutes will be enough, being careful not to overcook as the sprouts could lose all the beneficial properties that distinguish them.


      First of all, it is important to choose soybeans carefully and buy seeds from organic cultivation. Opting for dried ones will give the soybeans a better chance of sprouting, since on the contrary, fresh ones are a breeding ground for mold, the bitter enemy of sprouts. A great way to allow sprouts to grow is to grow them in a sprouter.

      Let's see together how to grow them:

      1. In the initial phase it will be necessary to fill the jar with soybeans to a capacity of about 1/4 of the same, and then add water up to the edge, the temperature of the latter must be room.
      2. Once the vase has been filled, it must be covered with a mesh and secured with the help of an elastic band. This will encourage the growth of shoots thanks to the perfect ventilation which will prevent mold from emerging. The soaking will last for 24 hours.
      3. You must remember to change the water after about 12 hours, trying to drain it through the lid.
      4. Once the water has been completely drained, remove the cheesecloth lid and lightly drain the seeds, then add room temperature water again and cover.
      5. After another 12 hours, drain the water completely using the gauze cap.
      6. Place the jar full of soybeans in a warm place, away from any light source. The sprouts will need to be rinsed twice a day.
      7. After a few days the home-grown shoots will begin to grow, on the fifth day they will have reached a length ranging between 4 and 8 centimeters, at this point you will have to pass them under water and then place them on a completely cotton cloth dry.

      Now the sprouts are ready to enhance some of your foods!

      Customer Reviews

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      Marco Daghetti
      I semi non germogliano

      Almeno il 5% dei semi di soia erano rotti ( quindi non utilizzabili). Sono in germinazione da sei giorni ma .. ancora nulla. Una sòla colossale

      Pietro Antonio Sambati
      Errore recensione

      merita 5 stelle


      Soia gialla Caramel

      artur orjuhovschii
      Tutto perfetto

      Complimenti, buon servizio.