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      Wheat grass sprouts have particularly interesting properties for the health and well-being of our body.  it is produced in the first three days of sprouting and increases its own quantities by about 20% in the first hours of cultivation. Wheat grass sprouts are a food with a strong impact and highly developed organoleptic properties. Easy to grow and use in a potentially infinite amount of unique and appetizing dishes, they are ideal for those looking for an organic, natural and wholesome food..

      The wheat has a millenary history that has its roots in the Neolithic; characterized by a large quantity of different subspecies, it remains in close view a product “stopped in time”, loved today as in the past. It is one of the first plants that has been intensively cultivated by man, so that it was always possible to have a supply of wheat to be breaded o. The main crops came first from the Middle East, that is from the current areas of Syria, Lebanon and Jordan; subsequently the intensification of production led to a type of sprouting on a world scale. The fame and fame of wheat and its products remains undisputed today and capable of bringing essential nutrients to the well-being of the organism.

      Nutritional elements

      Wheat grass sprouts have a high concentration of vitamins, proteins and mineral salts. Vitamin E reigns supreme among the most important nutritional elements of wheat, flanked by massive doses of vitamins from group A and group B. The sprouts also have a low gluten content unlike the one contained in the seed of the same plant.

      Wheat grass sprouts: how to use them in the kitchen

      Wheat sprouts are simple to combine with different types of dishes; they can be used both raw and cooked, ideal for filling salads and cold dishes, especially summer ones. Integrating the raw wheat grass sprouts in one’s diet is in fact an intelligent and functional method to make a change in the well-being that is taken every day. Just 50 grams for an adult individual are able to sustain a part of the vitamin and energy requirement needed in physical health conditions.

      If cooked, wheat sprouts are ideal for garnishing sauces and soups; just let them heat in the pan a few minutes with EVO oil and then add them to the remaining ingredients that will make up the filling of our dish. Being a food so rich in properties, it takes very little to find the method that best suits your needs and to consume a daily dose of wellness.

      Wheat grass sprouts: suggestions

      Wheat grass sprouts are really easy to grow at home and do not require special skills; they only need a period of soaking – in warm water – for about half a day. Subsequently, after having drained them thoroughly, it would be good to place them on a surface moistened with a wet cloth for at least two days. The cool environment in which the seeds will be left will facilitate the sprouting process. In just 4 days they will be ready for consumption, which it was decided to use. In short, a small trick is really enough to get your daily energy intake directly and well.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Violeta Strimbeanu
      Da pollice nero a pollice verde in una settimana

      I semi sono arrivati impacchettati a la perfezione. Germogliano in 2 o tre giorni . Il mio pollice nero è diventato pollice verde 😅.Grazie! Li ricomprerò di sicuro .

      Nicoleta Sfecla
      Prodotti di alta qualità

      I semi di grano sono arrivati con il corriere imballati in sacchi bianchi belli, tutto perfetto. I semi hanno germogliato molto bene e sono contenta di mangiarli, sono buoni e ringrazio ad Italiani Sprout per la qualità e professionalità con cui soddisfano le esigenze nostre.

      Madalina Iacob
      Ottimo prodotti!

      Ottimo prodotto!

      Elena Capello

      I semi sono germogliati benissimo, il sapore è buono, mettere in conto che hanno una certa consistenza quando consumati... ottimo prezzo

      Paolo Crivellaro

      Sono molto soddisfatto semi vitali e prezzo complessivamente concorrenziale.