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      Beet sprouts are mainly used as a decoration for more elaborate dishes. They are characterized by a bright color and a neutral flavour. Rich in vitamin B11, B12.

      Starting from the period following the Second World War, nutritionists began to recommend its intake as a food to replace dairy products and meat as they are rich in proteins. In addition, they also contain mineral salts and vitamins, as well as chromium, potassium, iron, calcium and sugars.

      Beet sprouts: the benefits

      With a sweet and delicate taste, beet sprouts are characterized by a high content of vitamins B11 and B12 as well as chromium and magnesium. They are obtained from the newly born seedlings after sowing.

      Distinguished by the typical flavor of the incoming rain (thanks to the presence of the Geosmin enzyme), the shoots appear as thin filaments with a pink tending to purple colour. The brown colored seed gives life to a precious high quality ingredient, excellent for making delicious gourmet dishes.

      Nutritional elements

      The beet sprouts contain:
      • vitamins
      • mineral salts
      • iron
      • magnesium
      • potassium
      • calcium
      • chromium 
      • sugars
      • proteins


      Before using the beet sprouts in the kitchen it is advisable to rinse them thoroughly four or five times together with the seeds. This is a fundamental step since it turns out to be useful for eliminating all the residues of germination, which could be very unpleasant. In addition, it is also good to remember how the sprouts become whiter and take on a delicate flavor if they are grown in the dark. If, on the other hand, they are placed in a bright environment after germination, they will acquire a significant amount of chlorophyll. Specifically, using this ingredient in the kitchen is not difficult. They can be added raw to salads or mixed into various accompanying sauces. As far as hot preparations are concerned, it is important to blanch them slightly in boiling water: this operation must not last longer than 60 seconds to prevent the sprouts from losing all the nutrients they contain.


      To make sure you have an organic product, it is important to know how, even in herbal shops, it is possible to buy sprouters or containers equipped with different surfaces aimed at germination. Alternatively, you could safely use a container filled with water placed in a place protected from light. Then, remember to wet them daily. However, considering that vegetable products are particularly prone to pollution, it is always useful to rinse the sprouts before use.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Cesarina Battaglia

      i germogli sembrano di ottima qualità, ho iniziato alcuni giorni fa con bieta rosa, spillio e alfa alfa e stanno germogliando benissimo...Grazie

      Cristiana Bellavigna
      i germogli non vengono come dovrebbero, specialmente i ceci.

      Ottimo servizio ma malgrado abbia letto le schede sul sito i germogli non sono venuti come previsto

      Nicoletta Marelli

      Subito germogliati buona qualità spedizione velocissima