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      The name of the sprouts comes from Sinapis, a brassicaceous type that has Mediterranean origins. Sprouts have always been consumed to extract oil, prepare foods and added as a condiment. Today these are marketed and cultivated all over the world thanks to their beneficial properties for the body.

        Nutritional values ​​and composition of red mustard sprouts

        Red mustard sprouts are widely used because they are rich in nutrients and are also an excellent source of:

        • vitamins of groups A, B and C.
        • proteins
        • amino acids
        • minerals (calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, oils and terpenes)

        The intense and marked taste is due to the presence of synalbin which makes mustard sprouts very tasty. Its aftertaste is fresh and pungent and for this reason they are perfect to eat absolute or in soups, salads, flans and even to prepare tasty sandwiches.

        Recipes and tips for using red mustard sprouts in cooking

        Red mustard sprouts, thanks to their properties, are perfect in every dish, as a condiment or as the absolute protagonist. For example, a great idea is to use them to prepare a good, light and dietary pasta dish with mustard sprouts, fennel, almonds and lemons. Simply use the peel of an untreated lemon (but without cutting the white part), press the juice to marinate the fennel, chopped almonds and mustard sprouts. Prepare the pasta and then mix everything with a drizzle of oil and garnish with lemon slivers. An ideal dish that respects the line but is also very bold to serve during a dinner.
        You can also use red mustard sprouts in salads to add crunch and liveliness with a witty aftertaste. A nice idea, however, is to prepare a sandwich with chopped Greek feta, yellow cherry tomatoes and bean sprouts. A fresh and delicate taste ideal for the summer to take to the beach.
        For winter, however, the ideal is a parmesan and mustard sprout soup. Just heat some oil and pour in some pureed pumpkin. Once heated, slowly add some water and keep on the heat for about 15 minutes. At the end, a slice of toasted bread on the plate, a covering of soup and a generous handful of mustard sprouts and grated parmesan to garnish.


        Growing red mustard sprouts is simple as they come out in a few days, just follow a few tips:

        • Purchase some seeds and place them in a tray or in a special sprouter, provided that in any case there is always a trickle of water at the bottom.
        • In fact, the roots must always be moist, you can use a vaporizer or even a plastic cup to pour water (drip in).
        • It is possible to water it repeatedly during a day up to two/three times, taking care to never let the surface and the internal part dry out.
        • Just wait about four or five days to see the shoots appear.
        • Once the first leaves have appeared, you can harvest the shoots and use them in the kitchen.

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