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      Corn sprouts are used in cooking to make many recipes. Corn is a herbaceous plant belonging to the grasses. It is present in nature in different varieties, so there are classifications determined by the types of seeds. In this regard, it is right to talk about the general characteristics of the corn seed and sprout.

      The corn seed is a dry fruit, called caryopsis, weighs about 100 grams and is distinguished by its polymorphism, i.e. the differences between the various types linked to colour, weight and shape. The color varies from white, to yellow, to wine red while the shape can be rounded, flattened, pointed, etc... Thanks to germination in suitable humidity, temperature and ventilation conditions, the seeds can transform quite quickly into edible sprouts with high nutritional value.


      Sprouts bring extraordinary health benefits. This is why their choice is not determined only by taste but also by their beneficial properties. From corn germ, for example, an oil is obtained that can be used raw to season food, just like extra virgin olive oil. It is not recommended for frying, as it is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Corn seed oil contains a good percentage of linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid, useful for our body. The sprout contains approximately 45-50% of the oil, obtained through a water grinding mechanism.


      Corn sprouts guarantee a notable nutritional contribution; they are in fact rich in:

      • proteins
      • vitamins (A-C-E-K-B-D)
      • mineral salts (potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and calcium)
      • trace elements (zinc and selenium)
      • enzymes
      • provitamin A.


      We have found that sprouts are concentrates rich in vitamins, fibre, mineral salts and that they contain unsaturated fatty acids in abundance. Today these elements of nature are easily available on our tables. In particular, some sprouts can be consumed raw and among these we find cereal sprouts (corn, wheat, rye and barley), legume sprouts (mung beans, lentils, alfalfa), sunflower, sesame and mustard. As for pea, soybean and chickpea sprouts, however, they must be blanched before being consumed, given that they contain toxic elements that germination does not completely eliminate. It is advisable to carry out the germination process of cereals but also of soya and Alfalfa at home. It should be remembered that sprouts, eaten raw, can multiply their nutritional values ​​in an astonishing way.

      The uses of the sprout in the kitchen are many, as it can be consumed raw on its own or in any type of salad, mixed with other ingredients, or in an excellent multi-vitamin smoothie. Sprouts can complete the filling of a sandwich, be used as an addition to stews, broths or soups or, again, act as flavorings for meat and fish. But the uses of sprouts in the kitchen and, in any case, in our diet, do not end here: it is possible to combine sprouts with milk, coffee, yogurt, in the filling of tortellini, in mashed potatoes, chopped into meatballs, to fill boiled eggs combined to the yolk, etc... Finally, you can obtain an excellent sauce for dressing salads by blending the sprouts with extra virgin olive oil and whole sea salt.


      As regards the conservation of the sprouts, once they have germinated, they must be rinsed in a colander or colander, left to drain for about ten minutes, closed in a glass jar with an airtight seal and placed in the refrigerator. After two or three days they are rinsed again; they can be stored for approximately 5 to 7 days. It is best to avoid storing sprouts in plastic bags, glass is the ideal material for correct and good conservation of the product. Among the last suggestions it is right to recommend the consumption of fresh sprouts rather than dried ones as they are real treasure chests of bio-nutritional properties.

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