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      Yellow peas sprouts have a sweet taste, very crunchy texture. These have great flavor, high nutritional value and are better than peas. This great source of vitamins, easy to grow at home, has been exploited in the West for a few years. A very widespread variant in the eastern world, whose great properties we have discovered. If raw peas cannot be eaten but must necessarily be cooked, sprouted ones are instead an excellent product to always consume.

      Elements and nutritional values ​​of yellow peas sprouts

      Yellow peas sprouts are rich in:

      • enzymes
      • amino acids
      • mineral salts
      • trace elements
      • vitamin A
      • vitamin B
      • vitamin C
      • Vitamin E
      • proteins
      • fibers
      • folic acid

      Being fat-free, they can be used as desired to garnish a dish, to increase the intake of nutrients in your diet or to create delicious recipes.

      Cooking and recipes

      Yellow peas sprouts can be widely used in cooking. They are original ingredients, rich in nutrients. They are perfect for seasoning pasta or salads, they are very nice on bruschetta even with a simple drizzle of oil. They can be blanched and added to soups or they can be inserted into sandwiches to give more crunch.

      A very nice recipe, ideal in summer, involves the preparation of cold pasta with pieces of red and yellow cherry tomatoes, pea sprouts and pieces of cheese or ricotta with a few olives. An excellent first course. Alternatively, you can prepare a nice omelette with pea sprouts. Beat the eggs with the grated cheese, the sprouts, a good grinding of pepper and some pieces of bacon if desired. Pour the contents into a hot pan and in a few minutes the dish is ready. Quick, economical and able to make the whole family happy.


      Yellow pea sprouts can be grown comfortably indoors. The first thing to do is to leave the seeds to soak for at least six hours, preferably twelve. In this way, thanks to the water, their volume increases. This will allow the seed, once placed in the sprouter, to bloom more easily. Thanks to the water pressure and increased volume, the seed breaks and allows the sprout to emerge. It is possible to germinate the seeds by always keeping them well moist, you can help yourself by covering the container with a plate. Five or at most six days will be enough to obtain sprouting. At this point, however, it will be useful to wait for a height of at least four millimeters before consuming them. It is always necessary to wash them before adding them to dishes, whether raw or cooked.

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