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      Green lentils’ sprouts are widely used in cooking and also raw as a natural source of protein.

      These sprouts come from Fabaceae which are grown practically everywhere. However, there are different seeds and this means that the sprouts are equally varied. In India they are highly appreciated as a food but also in other countries they have enjoyed great success, especially among vegetarians and vegans for their nutritional intake. All types of seeds available give excellent sprouts, these are healthier than lentils themselves because they enhance the beneficial properties and also make foods more digestible


      As regards the nutrients to know, here is a practical list with the main nutritional elements of green lentils’ sprouts:
      • vitamins B
      • zinc
      • phosphorus
      • magnesium
      • amino acids
      • iron
      • vitamin C
      • folate


      Green lentils' sprouts are a real panacea, they are easy to produce at home and can be used for many recipes, both in summer and winter. One of the easiest methods for using them is to prepare a rich salad. Inside you can put cherry tomatoes, thin vegetables, sprouts, a drizzle of oil and maybe a little yogurt sauce. This fresh and tasty dish is ideal for low-calorie diets.

      Those looking for a tastier dish and who don't have slimming problems can instead prepare a delicious flan with lentil sprouts and potatoes. Just boil the potatoes and place them in a baking dish with a drizzle of oil, cover with chopped bread, Asiago flakes, sprouts and onion. Reproduce another layer and close everything with fresh bechamel. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes and serve, your guests will certainly like it too. At worst, for those who don't have time, it's always possible to munch on them completely or add them to a sandwich with fresh raw ham.


      Green lentil sprouts can be planted and then consumed directly at home. Just buy some seeds and soak them for about ten hours. Then place them in an open jar or a special sprouter. They must be watered at least twice a day moderately. The soil must always be well moist. In this way in less than a week the sprouts will sprout and can be harvested (when the first leaves appear) and directly used at home to prepare many healthy recipes, directly from the producer to the consumer.

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