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      Fenugreek sprouts have a long history, the ancient Egyptians already used them for their great healing properties and the benefits they brought. The origin of the plant is Asian and takes the name of trigonella, due to their facet. The plant today is cultivated mainly in India, Africa and the Mediterranean. What distinguishes these sprouts, unlike many others, is their intense smell. Fenugreek is strong, which is why it is also used in the cosmetics field. However, the Egyptians used sprouts as a sort of medicine to heal and treat loss of appetite, thinness and various ailments. These have a high nutritional value, are tonic and invigorating.


      The primary ability of fenugreek sprouts is to activate the digestive function, furthermore they are rich in enzymes that help the metabolism, a perfect source for those following a slimming and restorative diet as they are perfectly balanced on a nutritional level. Fenugreek sprouts have a high content of:
      • proteins
      • mineral salts
      • fibers
      • Omega 6
      • Omega 3
      • flavonoids


      Fenugreek sprouts are ideal for use in the kitchen to prepare delicious recipes. One of the best dishes to cook is the courgette, cream and sprouts flan; Let's see the process together:
      1. Cut the courgettes lengthwise and place them in a bowl until they cover the bottom.
      2. Add a layer of cream and cover with fenugreek sprouts.
      3. Repeat the operation making two more layers.
      4. Bake for fifteen minutes until the last part begins to brown.
      Ideal to eat hot straight out of the oven but also cold under the umbrella. A light meal with high nutritional content!

      Fenugreek sprouts are also excellent as an afternoon snack, you can add them chopped into a nice omelette or even as a garnish in a nice baked fish. Having a pungent odor they are not much loved by children, to cover it you can pass them in a pan with a drizzle of oil, allowing them to evaporate.

      Tip: how to grow sprouts at home

      Fenugreek sprouts, unlike many others, have the ability to sprout in two days, and are therefore among the fastest ever. However, they must always be in contact with a humid environment, with water. When the plant sprouts, its enzymes and nutrients increase, so the more it is left to grow, the richer and more optimal the sprout will be for the body. The sprouts can be eaten raw (this practice is optimal for those who suffer from constipation). To germinate, it is ideal to place the seeds in a vase with plenty of water; those who have a sprouter must obviously use that. Once a few days have passed, the first shoots will begin to appear. Before being harvested, growth of at least 4 centimeters must be obtained.

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      Prodotti ottimi e molta disponibilità da parte del proprietario a rispondere alle domande.

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      Confezionamento perfetto, spedizione veloce, germinazione rapida.

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