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      Endive escarole Blonde sprouts are fat-free and rich in minerals, fiber and vitamins, especially A, C and K. They also help the functioning of the digestive and intestinal system. Thanks to their rich water content, they promote the purification of the body.


      Endive escarole Blonde sprouts are rich in:

      • lipids (saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids)
      • carbohydrates (starch and soluble sugars)
      • sodium
      • potassium
      • iron
      • soccer
      • phosphorus
      • vitamins
      • phytosterols
      • proteins

      Endive escarole Blonde SPROUTS: THE USES IN THE KITCHEN

      The best method for consuming Endive escarole Blonde sprouts is certainly raw, in the form of a salad, as the fresh food maintains its concentration of vitamins and mineral salts unchanged, substances that are very useful for the body. It can be added to other vegetables in the preparation of delicious mixed salads.


      To optimally preserve the endive escarole Blonde sprouts, only the quantity needed for the meal should be taken from the package and the rest should be placed in the fridge, taking care to seal the package well. A glass container is best suited for storing this product. Avoid leaving them in the original tray and open to prevent them from drying out. They will keep in the refrigerator for a few days.