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      Squash genovese is a variety with long and cylindrical shape and of a very light green color. Its length is about 20-21 cm and produces also excellent edible flowers. The seeds can be planted indoors between February and March and outdoors between April and May. The soil in which they must be sowed must have a temperature not lower than 15°C, otherwise the seeds do not germinate and must be rich in organic matter and well drained. Moreover, it is recommended to use a soil rich in potassium, or a fertilization appropriate to such requirement, which particularly benefits this variety. Therefore, Squashes genovese are rich in mineral salts such as potassium and phosphorous, in addition to be very rich in water, a characteristic that ensures they have low amount of calories and a delicate taste. It is a food that can be consumed in various recipes of the Italian tradition, both to flavor first courses and for complete second courses.