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      Pumpkin moscata di Provenza belongs to the family of Curcubita moschata. With a rounded shape, orange-colored internally and beige externally, its "cortex" is characterized by many furrows, its seeds originate a short plant to be planted in the terrain. Once the seed is planted in the soil, it must be covered by about 3-4 cm of soil and it is recommended to keep a distance of about 150 cm far from each other, in a sunny area and with the availability of much water. The sowing in the soil can be performed between late February and half March, while in open field the correct period is between April and June. The harvest is carried out between June and November. Pumpkin moscata di provenza has excellent organoleptic properties and the benefit of the fruit is that it does not require to be immediately consumed. Pumpkin moscata di provenza is a versatile food, which can yield, color and satiate.