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      Radish Saxa has a spherical shape with bright red color and a white pulp. It is a short-cycle variety: the cultivation cycle can range from 3 weeks in the summer to 3 months during the winter. It requires frequent irrigations and prefers a temperate climate with a good exposure to the sun. It is necessary that the soil is loose, medium-texture, preferably calcareous and rich in organic substances. Before the sowing operations the soil must be well-cleaned from any branches or stones to prevent any root tangling. The excellent temperature for the vegetative cycle is between 15° and 20° C, the minimum temperature must not drop below 5° C. Radish Saxa is highly suitable to exalt the taste of salads and soups, by ensuring a slightly "spicy" taste. It is rich in vitamin C and sodium and has a diuretic and refreshing action on the organism.