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      Tomato Roma VF has a fruit with the characteristic elongated oval shape, the peel is thick and firm and its pulp, of a pretty bright red color, is juicy and tasty. Any type of soil is suitable to cultivateTomatoes Roma VF, as long as they are well exposed to the sun and provided that they are regularly irrigated to facilitate the fruit ripening. For a good yield it is recommended not to overload the soil, trying to space the seedlings from each other. It is preferable to plant them at the end of the winter or in early spring and you can even postpone the cultivation to the summer, because they adapt themselves well even to the warmest temperatures, still ensuring good results. The particular thick and pulpy texture and the very sweet taste make these tomatoes suitable for both raw preparations, such as salads, and the preparation of excellent sauces. They are also rich in vitamin C and are excellent antioxidants.

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      Renato Ortica

      Speriamo che la terra faccia il resto insieme alla mia passione

      Carlo Licocci

      Sono in attesa della germinazione x dare un giudizio grazie