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      Tomato pricipe borghese’s plant produces typically round fruits shaped like hearts. Of "pastel" red color, the flesh is not too aqueous and with few seeds, with a lively taste, while the leaves are small, velvety and green. The ideal soil for the sowing operations has a soft texture, with good draining capacities and rich in organic substances. The irrigation must be constant. The preferred climate is mild, tending to hot, while it is damaged by low temperatures. To carry out the sowing operations in the field, it is recommended to perform the mulching to prevent the growth of weeds and the exposure to the sun. Tomato pricipe borghese’s plant is semi-dwarf type and can grow also in pots. Tomato pricipe borghese’s plant requires a support for its growth, to develop a healthy and tasty fruit, because the exposure to the sun increases and infections with the soil are avoided. Its use in the kitchen is largely spread: it gives freshness and taste in every dish, either raw or cooked.

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      Viktoryia Fechtchenok
      Pomodoro principe Borghese

      Purtroppo nella busta dei semi che ho ricevuto dovevano essere 50 semi e ce n'erano solo 17... sono molto dispiaciuta

      Grazia Ciraci

      Semi da orto bio - Pomodoro Principe Borghese

      giuseppe giugno
      Semi biologici

      Azienda italiana leader per tutto ciò che riguarda semi bio.
      Tutto perfetto! Grazie 🤩

      Olivia Zambiasi

      Pomodoro Principe Borghese

      raffaela conti

      Ho notato che siete molto celeri e che avete una bella varietá di semi..