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      Tomato Cuor di Bue produces large fruits with irregular shape, with a red-pinky color that tends to purple when the ripening is complete. The thin peel, the soft pulp and the low number of seeds make these tomatoes the table variety par excellence. The cultivation soil must be as loose as possible and well-processed. The plant prefers a moderate and daily irrigation, by preventing stagnations and without ever wetting the leaves. It is fundamental to use supports to sustain the trunk and guide its growth, by taking care of periodically removing the lateral jets which decrease strength and productivity. It prefers a warm climate but suffers from temperatures above 30° that can make the leaves rapidly wither. Powerful antioxidants, tomatoes Cuore di Bue contain the precious vitamins of groups E and D.

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      Marzia Morara

      Tutto bene!

      Antonio Vettori
      Semi per l’orto

      La consegna è stata precisa e ben programmata. Non sono ancora in grado di valutare la qualità dei semi perché abito a 700metri di altitudine ed è ancora presto per metterli a dimora

      Luca Careddu

      Pomodoro Cuor di bue