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      Pea progress 9 is a variety with a wrinkled seed, characterized by a pod of dark green color, smooth, bright and slightly curved. It is a largely productive and vigorous dwarf species, resistant to all diseases that affect peas. It is largely spread in the vegetable gardens throughout Italy and which requires very few treatments. Peas progress 9 are sowed in Northern Italy from mid-February to the end of March, in Central Italy from the end of November to mid-February and in Southern Italy from September to mid-February. The best temperature for their growth ranges from maximum 10/15°C to minimum 5°C. They prefer the exposure to the sun, tolerate cold temperatures but can be damaged by hot temperatures and dryness. The grains, 8 or 9 in each pod, are tender and tasty, rich in minerals, with diuretic and hypoglycemic properties.

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      Alessandro AVALLONE
      Spedizione velocissima, tutto perfetto

      Ho ricevuto il pacco in un tempo incredibilmente rapido. Che dire, bravi davvero!

      vanessa zanda

      Mi sono trovata benissimo. Grazie della disponibilità anche telefonica, veloce e cordiale. Presto semino !