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      Melon Retato degli Ortolani is a variety whose fruits are round and fleshy, with orange flesh with an intense scent that is noticed also from the outside. The peel is thin, yellowish, wrinkled and with longitudinal furrows. The plant adapts itself to various soils and conditions, even if it prefers the hottest and sunniest zones, with soils easy to irrigate. The growth is vigorous but the harvest is carried out 4 months after the transplantation, whose ideal period is the spring. The plant has fasciculated roots that anchor well the stem to the soil, the leaves are green and heart-shaped, while the flowers can be either male or female. Melons Retato degli Ortolani are typically sweet and are good ingredients for salads and fruit salads, but also of starters matched to contrasting tastes (such as ham and salami). In the summer Melon Retato degli Ortolani quenches the thirsty and supports the body hydration.