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      Eggplant Tonda Sfumata di Rosa is characterized by large fruits with a rounded shape, with a thick peel and rich in streaks that tend to pink. The white pulp boasts a firm and compact texture, with few seeds and a largely appreciated taste. This plant prefers well-drained and fairly deep soils. Sowing is carried out from the end of December and continues further and ideally takes place far from other specimens of the same family of solanaceae. To facilitate its growth, eggplants bianca sfumata di rosa should be thoroughly irrigated. As for the exposure, the plant loves very sunny areas with an ideal temperature of 22-24 degrees. Thanks to its rounded shape, this eggplant is ideal stuffed in the oven, but it is also excellent cooked in a pan or grilled for a healthier option.

      Customer Reviews

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      Claudia Bozzato

      Semi da orto bio - Melanzana Tonda sfumata rosa

      Silvia Nardi
      semi da orto bio

      Ho acquistato semi da orto bio, ma sia nella bolla che nella fattura non è stata riportata nella descrizione della merce la necessaria dicitura "bio".
      Veloci nella consegna

      Immacolata Grimaldi

      Melanzana Tonda sfumata rosa