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      Lettuce salad bowl has soft and fleshy leaves, similar to oak leaves, of a color ranging from red-purple to light green. This variety is very resistant to cold temperatures and is suitable to cut harvest, even only of the best leaves. Lettuce salad bowl prefers soils that are loose and well fertilized, better with manure, drained and aerated, with arrangement of rows and a distance of 30 cm between the plants and especially free of stagnations. It can be developed in seedbeds before being transplanted in the field. It grows practically throughout the year, even with rather cold climate, but is damaged by frosts and in the winter it is recommended to protect it in tunnels. Rich in mucilage and vitamin C, it is also a good source of antioxidants. Ideal for diets that require a good hydration, and for its laxative and depurative properties which are accompanied by very few calories.