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      Lettuce regina di maggio is a headed vegetable that produces blond leaves with some red veins on the margins. The leaves are tender and compact, remaining crunchy to the taste. The May Queen Lettuce’s seeds must be buried between January and September, in case of underground planting, while between late autumn and winter, in case of greenhouse planting. The harvest takes place in the spring. Lettuce regina di maggio must be transplanted only once the plant produces at least 3 or 4 leaves, by paying attention not to bury the collar of the tiny plants. Lettuce regina di maggio is damaged by cold temperatures, therefore it is recommended to cover it with a non-woven fabric in the winter. Lettuce regina di maggio prefers well-drained soils and, for an excellent growth, they must be regularly irrigated by preventing water stagnations. With few calories and refreshing, Lettuce regina di maggio is recommended in diets.