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      Chives are green-colored and made up of shallow-body stems with a maximum diameter of 4-5 mm, whose height can reach 30-40 cm. They are a more delicate variant with respect to garlic and onion, by supporting also the people who dislike intense tastes. The cultivation of chives does not require many treatments, but a wet and peaty soil is necessary. They have good adaptation capacities, so that they grow even close to gravelly lands. In pots, the topsoil must preferably have a neutral PH, and must be calcareous and rich in silicon, wet and nutritious. The root assumes the shape of a bulb that does not occupy much space and therefore it does not require large potting. Chives are an aromatic plant which can grow also in pots and they are useful to flavor many dishes, by ensuring several benefits to the organism. Rich in vitamins, beneficial to kidneys, provided with diuretic and depurative properties.