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      Chicory Zuccherina di Trieste is a very delicate radicchio which has tender small leaves of half width and pastel green. The Chicory Zuccherina di Trieste’s plants, if harvested when they are still small and have a height of 5/7 cm, keep a sweetish and pleasant taste; if, on the other hand, you let them ripe over two weeks, they acquire a more intense taste, tending to bitter. The cultivation of Chicory Zuccherina di Trieste does not require particular treatments, can be sowed in the soil or in pots, its growth is quick and constant. To increase the quality of the vegetable, it is important to irrigate it twice a week, up to four times according to the solar exposure and to the external temperature. Chicory Zuccherina di Trieste is a food rich in vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium that helps to regulate the blood pressure and to combat hypertension. The plant is a powerful antioxidant.