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      Cucumber Marketmore is a variety of cucumber that produces fruits with a tapered shape and of dark green color, with a length ranging from 15 to 20 cm. The peel is almost totally uniform, has just some small thorns, slightly sharp. The flesh, white or light green, is compact, aqueous and has few seeds. Its cycle is medium-early, indeed it can be harvested 75 days after the sowing operations that are recommended from January to March, while the harvest can be performed between April and June. It can be cultivated in open fields, even if in Norther Italy it is often covered with plastic cloths to protect it from late frosts. Cucumbers Marketmore require a soil well prepared, drained, rich in organic substances and free from weeds. They prefer sunny positions and abundant irrigations if the soil is particular dry. Cucumber is rich in water, mineral salts and vitamin C.