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      Nutritional benefits of tatsoi microgreens

      There are several nutritional benefits to be had from eating tatsoi microgreens. They contain many different vitamins including vitamins A, B, C, E and K. These microgreens are also full of health promoting minerals including calcium, iron and magnesium. They also help to add fibre and protein to a balanced diet, helping to promote good health.

      Health benefits of tatsoi microgreens

      Given that tatsoi is so high in nutritional value, it’s understandable that it can provide many health benefits if you eat it.

      - protecting the health of sight;

      - helps with bone development;

      - stabilise the rhythm of the heart;

      - reducing cholesterol levels in the body;

      - helps with relaxation and the reduction of stress.

      Using these microgreens when you produce meals at home can provide many different health benefits.

      Taste and use

      One of the most popular uses of tatsoi microgreens in the kitchen is as a seasoning which can give a fresh zing of taste to salads and grilled dishes that you may eat during the summer months. As the weather turns colder, you can add tatsoi seeds to warm soup, to help increase the amount of nutrients present.

      If you want to improve the sandwiches that you make as a snack, you can do so using tatsoi microgreens. Simply sprinkling them on top of your favourite filling helps to create a better all round flavour.