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      Nutritional benefits of mustard black microgreens

      Black mustard is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including:

      - proteins;

      - essential oils;

      - dietary fibre;

      - high in B-complex vitamins, also vitamins A, C, E and K;

      - calcium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron, selenium, zinc;

      - high in antioxidants (flavonoids and carotenoids);

      - omega 3.

      Health benefits of mustard black microgreens

      - High in dietary fibre: aids digestion, helps to lower cholesterol, and is good for the heart;

      - it can also reduce the risk of blocked arteries and stroke;

      - promotes digestive health, provides feeling of satiety (feeling full) ;

      - provides a natural source of vitamins and minerals for all-round nutritional support;

      - high in iron: helpful for treating any anemic conditions, including during the menstrual cycle;

      - excellent source of B-complex vitamins: These support nervous system health and regulate body metabolism;

      - rich in vitamin B3: help lower blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels;

      - antioxidant properties help fight free radicals and lower the risk of cancer;

      - omega 3 supports cardiovascular health;

      - leaves and flowers can be used to create a natural infusion to combat colds and sore throats.

      Taste and use

      Mustard black seeds are used primarily to make yellow mustard, a common condiment for sandwiches, hotdogs and other meats.

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