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      Nutritional benefits of leek microgreens

      Leek microgreens are packed full of useful nutrients, including vitamin B6 which can helps balance the hormones in your body if you are experiencing a stressful time in your life.

      The immune system can also benefit if you eat leeks and leek micro-vegetables, due to the presence of vitamin C. Folates are also present in leeks which makes them a good food choice if your body is lacking in iron.

      Health benefits of leek microgreens

      There are several health benefits to be had if you eat leeks on a regular basis.

      - Protection against free radicals due to antioxidant properties;

      - antiseptic properties to help with protection against infection;

      - diuretic properties which are useful if your body is retaining water;

      - laxative properties which can help relieve some digestion issues.

      All of these properties make leeks a popular staple of many home kitchens as well as restaurant kitchens.

      Taste and use

      Leek microgreens contain valuable nutrients which make them a useful addition to any vegetarian or vegan diet. If you want to optimize the levels of B6 present it’s a good idea to leave the micro-greens raw and use them on a fresh salad.

      They can also be placed on a rye bread sandwich, to provide an additional level of flavour, if you want a healthy snack that tastes good.

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