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      Nutritional benefits of lemon balm microgreens

      The essential oil of lemon balm contains:

      - citrate;

      - citronellal;

      - caryophyllene.

      The essential extracts of the plant contain:

      - rosmarinic acid;

      - caffeic acid;

      - triterpene;

      - flavanoids (including luteolin, apigenin, campferol and quercetin).

      Health benefits of lemon balm microgreens

      - Antioxidant properties help fight free radicals and lower the risk of cancer;

      - antidepressant: helps fight anxiety, stress and agitation, calms the nervous system;

      - anti-inflammatory;

      - anti-viral: fights infections and viruses;

      - promotes digestive health; relieves gastro-intestinal conditions;

      - promotes muscle relaxation and sleep;

      - helps headaches and migraines;

      - relieves menstrual and other cramps;

      - relieves tachycardia (irregular heartbeat).

      Taste and use

      It is widely used to prepare infusions useful for relieving stress-related conditions and also in treating gastro-intestinal disorders.

      A simple infusion can be made using one teaspoon of leaves per cup of water. Boil everything, then filter the infusion before drinking.

      Customer Reviews

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      Darren camilleri
      Great service.

      This company is serious and probably has one of the best seeds I have bought so far. Great selection and really good sprouts.!!!!. Fantastic job. Grazie mille.

      Dear Darren, thank you so much for your awesome review. Ramon