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      Nutritional benefits of endive green microgreens

      This vegetable is low in fat and rich in water, as well as vitamins and mineral salts. It has tonic and draining properties, due to its high water content and also has laxative properties. Rich in vitamin A, B, C and K.

      Taste and use of endive green microgreens

      Its leaves are edible, and when eaten raw, green escarole microgreens are ideal for the size and freshness on hand. Excellent for a quick lunch, a sandwich prepared on the fly, where a few endive leaves would make it fresher and tastier and would also give it a pleasant crunchiness. Also ideal to add to mixed salads, its bitter taste gives a stronger flavor to a dish with poor flavour. The cooked leaves, however, are much appreciated with black olives and anchovies, or in minestrone together with other vegetables.