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      Nutritional benefits of coriander split microgreens

      Coriander split microgreens are a good source of many nutrients that are essential if you want to maintain a good level of health. They contain protein, carbohydrates and fiber. They also contain a range of vitamins, with vitamin A being the most prolific. This common herb is also an excellent anti-oxidant which helps to protect the body against free radicals.

      Health benefits

      Coriander split microgreens are a small and pretty herb with a powerful taste. They contain many nutrients that make it useful in assisting with general health including:

      - purification of the body by helping to remove toxins;

      - antispasmodic properties;

      - antibacterial properties that help with fighting infection;

      - assistance with the health of the body’s digestive system;

      - removal of harmful metals in the body.

      You can benefit from these health enhancing properties if you cultivate coriander to use in your kitchen at home.

      Taste and use of coriander split microgreens

      Coriander is one of those multi-use herbs that it’s useful to have in any kitchen.

      Its most popular use is as an addition to give extra flavour to meat, fish and vegetables. It’s also popular to use in soups; carrot and coriander soup is a favorite in many homes. The leaves of coriander are pleasant to eat when they are added to a fresh mixed salad. They can also be used to add perfume to other parts of the home, if you have cultivated too much to simply use it in the kitchen. Coriander seeds can be used to flavour meat dishes, by simply adding them while cooking is in progress.

      Coriander is certainly a versatile herb that you can easily grow from seed.

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