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      Nutritional benefits of chickpeas microgreens

      Chickpeas contain plenty of iron and calcium which can improve the condition of the blood and bones in the body. They also contain many of the vitamins that are essential for good health, especially B vitamins; B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6. Once chickpeas are cooked they contain 20.9% nutrients as well as 46.9% carbohydrates, 6.3% fats and 13.6% fibre.

      Once of their most important attributes is being able to help keep cholesterol levels in check. Chickpeas are most popular with vegans and vegetarians as they provide high levels of protein without the need to eat meat or other animal products, proteins make up 12.3% of chickpea content.

      Health benefits

      The high levels of nutrients present in chickpeas makes them a healthy food to eat. Some of the benefits that can be had from adopting a diet that includes chickpeas include:

      - help with weight loss;

      - improved memory and attention span;

      - promotion of balanced nutrition.

      Anyone can benefit from eating chickpeas. They can provide a healthy alternative to other protein sources which may also contain excessively high levels of fat.

      Taste and use of chickpeas microgreens

      Chickpeas are popular in Indian cuisine, so they are useful to have around for anyone who is cooking a curry. They can also be added to hummus to make an excellent accompaniment to a Greek salad.

      Chickpeas are especially useful for anyone who is vegetarian as they can be added to many areas of diet. They can be included in a vegetarian burger mix and added to a warm soup to eat when the weather is cold.