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      Nutritional benefits of chickpeas microgreens

      Chickpeas contain plenty of iron and calcium. They also contain many of the vitamins that are essential for good health, especially B vitamins; B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6. Once chickpeas are cooked they contain 20.9% nutrients as well as 46.9% carbohydrates, 6.3% fats and 13.6% fibre.

      Chickpeas are most popular with vegans and vegetarians as they provide high levels of protein without the need to eat meat or other animal products, proteins make up 12.3% of chickpea content.

      Taste and use of chickpeas microgreens

      Chickpeas are popular in Indian cuisine, so they are useful to have around for anyone who is cooking a curry. They can also be added to hummus to make an excellent accompaniment to a Greek salad.

      Chickpeas are especially useful for anyone who is vegetarian. They can be included in a vegetarian burger mix and added to a warm soup to eat when the weather is cold.