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      Nutritional benefits of kale black microgreens

      Kale black is rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including:

      – dietary fibre;

      – mineral salts, especially potassium;

      – vitamin C (ascorbic acid);

      – carotenoids (pro-vitamin A);

      – vitamin K;

      – folic acid (vitamin B9);

      – beta-carotene;

      – sulphur compounds.

      Health benefits of kale black microgreens

      High in dietary fiber: aids digestion, helps to lower cholesterol, and is good for the heart. It can also reduce the risk of blocked arteries and stroke. Very low-fat content can help to reduce weight. Sulphur compounds provide strong antioxidant properties to help fight free radicals and lower the risk of cancer. Can reduce the risk of tumors, thanks to the presence of carotenoids, ascorbic acid and other molecules with antioxidant properties. Promotes gastric health, can reduce the risk of gastric ulcers. Improves brain function and health. High beta-carotene content promotes eye health. Potent detoxifying effects due to the high potassium content. Can strengthen the immune system.

      Taste and use

      Kale black is a valuable ally in the kitchen. It is highly nutritious, low-calorie and easy to prepare.

      One of the most common uses of kale black is in soups, but it is extremely versatile and can be used in stews, pasta dishes or as a healthy side dish, either sautéed or boiled. It can also be used to make a great pesto, that goes great on crispy bread croutons.

      Winter is the season for Tuscan kale, so try using it in a hearty winter soup with beans and your choice of meat and/or vegetables.

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