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      Nutritional benefits of beet pink microgreens

      Aside from being low in calories, as they contain mostly water, beet pink microgreens also provide the benefit of some vital nutrients including vitamin A which is present in a higher concentration in the leaves than the beet. Magnesium and potassium are also present in these beets.

      Health benefits

      If a food has health benefits as well as being good to eat, this is a major positive. Beet pink microgreens provide several health benefits for people who eat them.

      Taste and use of beet pink microgreens

      The beets can lose its flavour with harsh cooking. This is why many people prefer to eat it raw. It adds colour and crunch to a salad and is perfect to use when adding a little extra to a sandwich.

      The leaves of beet pink microgreens can be cooked in water for about twenty minutes then filtered out, leaving a drink.

      If these beets are cooked they should be boiled or steamed, using as little water as possible. This helps to preserve the flavour so the result is delicious food that looks good and is full of nutrients which can help to improve health.