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      Nutritional benefits of basil red microgreens

      Aside from being a striking plant to look at, basil red microgreens also contain several beneficial nutrient properties. Vitamins present in this basil include A, C and K. It also contains plenty of the iron, calcium and fatty acids. Basil also has anti-bacterial properties which can make meals safer to eat.

      Health benefits of basil microgreens

      Red basil microgreens do not just provide taste to food, they’re also good for health.

      Taste and use

      Basil has been a staple of Italian food through history and dark opal micro-vegetables are no exception. In fact they can be used with ease in any type of cuisine. They can add flavour and an appetizing aroma to soups or pasta. They can also be included in the toppings for a pizza when creating a meal for friends and family.

      Basil red microgreens can even be placed in a milk shake, to add a lot of healthy nutrients to a drink that can be enjoyed first thing in the morning or while relaxing in the evening. This is a plant that has a variety of health enhancing uses in the kitchen.