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      Shelled buckwheat has always been linked to human nutrition and its cultivation dates back to Sumerian times. It is an annual herbaceous plant, belonging to the Polygonaceae family, of which there are numerous subspecies, which is suitable for cultivation in temperate climates.

      Used to produce wheat flour, Shelled buckwheat is not a cereal, it is completely gluten-free. The wheat plant has a cylindrical stem, with oval or triangular leaves and white or pink inflorescences at the end of each branch. The fruits are small achenes, which hide a seed inside, which are harvested when they become dark. Sprouts or flour are obtained from the seeds once they are dried.

      Nutritional elements

      They are a food with a high nutritional value, energizing and with various therapeutic properties. They can be eaten raw or cooked. They have an energy value of 155 calories per 100 grams.

      Shelled buckwheat sprouts are rich in:

      • mineral salts
      • vitamins
      • proteins
      • enzymes
      • carbohydrates of animal origin
      • manganese

      Shelled buckwheat SPROUTS: THE USES IN THE KITCHEN

      Shelled buckwheat sprouts are suitable for vegans, vegetarians, raw foodists and those who want to eat healthy. They have a delicate flavor and can be eaten cooked or raw, individually or combined with other foods. Furthermore, they can be used to prepare: salads, side dishes, cold dishes, soups, sauces and in particular they are perfect to combine with rice. The best way to enjoy them on their own is to steam them or sauté them in a little oil. They're great for making a breakfast porridge by combining ground sprouts with grated apple, coconut milk, wholemeal oats, almonds and cinnamon. It is important to note that sprouts must be eaten fresh, within a few days, otherwise they tend to become tough.


      Shelled buckwheat sprouts can be obtained by placing the seeds in cheesecloth and stopping the sprouting process after two or three days from the beginning or after a week. in the first case, proper sprouts are obtained, complete with seed, in the second, wheat grass. By placing the small shoots in a tray with a thin layer of water, you can keep the roots constantly moist and encourage the growth of the shoots.

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