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      Broccoli is a vegetable belonging to the Cruciferae family. It and its shoots are grown in many countries, including Italy. The cultivation of Calabrian broccoli sprouts reaches a rather high level only during the winter period in which this vegetable grows a lot and is consequently consumed more.


      The sprouts of broccoli are light in colour; during growth it will approach the dark green of the broccoli itself. Its cultivation is highly developed all over the world: we recommend transplanting this shoot into the ground itself and exposing it to direct light. The presence of the sun and good watering of the sprout will give life to the vegetable itself. For correct growth, the sprout must be placed in a substrate suitable for its needs: it must be free from stagnant water and rich in mineral salts. The sprout must be planted in the period before winter to ensure that it takes root correctly and must be watered regularly, almost every day. A good sign of growth is the appearance of the first bright green leaves: they are the sign of a luxuriant growth of the future vegetable.

      A curiosity of these sprouts is undoubtedly that they have always existed. In fact, broccoli is capable of growing wild in any green space that is suitable for its needs. Only over time has it been associated with a more domestic use and its culinary consumption has increased.


      Broccoli sprouts, in addition to being an excellent nutritional ally for the body because they contain many fibers and vitamins, present themselves as an excellent protein level support for our body. They contain energetic agents. In particular, among the many vitamins, in fact, we mainly remember Vitamin C, iron and potassium. They have always been an exceptional help for the decrease in energy that occurs during the change of seasons and also in periods where our body is more subjected to external stress.


      Broccoli sprouts are used a lot in the kitchen. They give their maximum benefits and their extreme effectiveness if they are boiled. In fact, at high temperatures this vegetable does not release its properties and allows those who use it to take them easily. It is presented as a widely consumed dish mainly as a second course or side dish. In fact, Calabrian broccoli sprouts can accompany any type of dish: from red to white meat up to cheeses. If you choose to accompany it with dairy products, we recommend the fresh cheese of the day. This will make everything more succulent on the palate. However, they can also be eaten uncooked, if placed in salads or combined with tomatoes. For the little ones it is advisable to chop these sprouts with a special blender in order to hide them or chop them in a discreet way and let them take them naturally.


      Given the innumerable beneficial properties of these sprouts, a weekly consumption combined with moderate physical activity is particularly recommended. It is also advisable to let children eat this type of vegetable, possibly cooked. The intake of Calabrian broccoli sprouts can also be done three times a week without excessive contraindications for the body.

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      Guido Barone
      Germogli di Broccolo Calabrese

      Ottimo Prodotto ... Qualità e Quantità Garantite!!

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      Assistenza impeccabile, consegna rapidissima, prodotti top

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      Veloci ed affidabili

      Tutto ok

      valeriano cossu


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      Sono onesti

      Tutto perfetto .non è il primo ordine ma il secondo e non sarà l'ultimo .grazie italian sprout