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      Alfalfa is a fast-growing perennial plant that adapts to any type of soil and climate. Medicago sativa plant and flower, scientific name for alfalfa. Its root system is taproot and can reach an extension of over 3 meters.

      The stem that originates from the crown rises up to a meter in height while the leaves are triple. Alfa Alfa sprouts contain a high amount of mineral salts and nutrients and healing substances that are important for human health. The flowers of the plant grow zygomorphic with a blue tending to purple color while the leguminous fruits are made up of small seeds.

      Alfalfa: Benefits

      Alfalfa sprouts are a valid food in the kitchen and a precious ally for well-being and health.

      Alfalfa is a perennial herbaceous plant rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes and proteins. For millennia it has been the secret elixir of longevity, used as the main animal feed. Alfalfa sprouts have now entered our kitchen and are used to flavor salads and create vegan dishes.

      Alfalfa sprouts are part of the legumes and are also called Alfalfa. They appear in the medical texts of China as early as 5000 BC..

      Nutritional elements

      Alfalfa sprouts have a high nutritional value and contain:

      • selenium
      • phosphorus
      • magnesium
      • potassium
      • iron
      • vitamins A, C, K, E, D, B12
      • saponins
      • alkaloids


      Alfa Alfa sprouts have a fresh and delicate taste that goes well with various preparations. Freshly sprouted alfalfa is the basis of vegan cuisine and is often added to salads. Many well-known vegetarian chefs use alfalfa as the main ingredient to prepare healthy dishes with a touch of originality. The alfalfa sprout must be eaten raw in order to take advantage of all the nutritional and healing properties inherent in it. Cutting the shoots is not recommended, rather it is advisable to break them with your hands. The best thing, however, is to leave them whole. Alfalfa sprouts can also be combined with vegetable creams or cheeses such as tofu. They are also excellent combined with courgettes, tomatoes and Belgian salad or added to fillings for peppers, stuffed tomatoes or aubergines.

      Tip: How to store Alfalfa sprouts

      To keep Alfalfa sprouts in an optimal way, take only the quantity necessary for the meal from the package and put all the rest in the fridge, taking care to seal the package well. A glass container is best suited for storing this product. Avoid leaving them in the original tray and open to prevent them from drying out. In the refrigerator they will keep for a few days

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      Roberta g.
      Molto soddisfatta

      Ottima germinazione

      Solveig Eggertsdottir
      Very fast shippment

      I was very happy to get all of the seeds that I ordered. The shipment was very fast. I just began to set the seeds in water. Most of them were good. But Rocket Mattise did not germinate. Is there a special method to germinate this seed?

      Hi Solveig, we are happy you like our seeds.
      About rocket (as cress), they are mucilaginous seeds so you need a special sprouter like this: or you must grow it on soil as microgreens.

      Leonardo Gili
      Ottimo servizio e qualità

      Un’ottima qualità di semi ed un servizio eccezionale

      Bjarne Moseidjord
      Bjarne M

      Perfect products & perfect delivery

      Toni Green
      Un classico

      Sono anni che li produco e li mangio ma devo dire che questa è la migliore qualità