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Tomato Ciliegia nero

Solanum lycopersicum

Annual plant, indeterminate growth, average/early-ripening variety. Small, round, dark red fruit (in bunches). Needs to be supported.

In stock


In stock

These organic seeds are controlled and certified by ICEA
Envelope size: 11,5x16 cm

• Direct sowing period: from march to may
• Seeds in g/100 m2: 150 gr
• Seedbed sowing period: from february to march
• Seeds in g/100 m2 for traspanting: 3 gr
• Depth for sowing: 1 cm
• Distance between lines: 90/100 cm
• Distance in lines: 50/60 cm
• Production times: 100 days
• Nr of seeds: 100 about
• Grams: 0,2


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