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Beet Red Lady

Beta vulgaris conditiva

This beet is a well-known food in Eastern Europe. It has low-calorie and it’s easy to digest. It’s not just the beets that are good to eat; the same applies to the micro-vegetables which consist of vibrant red stems and luscious green leaves.

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• Nr of seeds for grams: 60
• Presoak: 12 hours
• Seed Presoak: 12/14 hours
• Harvest time: 8/10 days

Nutritional benefits of beet red microgreens

Aside from being low in calories, as they contain mostly water, beet red microgreens also provide the benefit of some vital nutrients including vitamin A which is present in a higher concentration in the leaves than the beet. This beet also contains folic acid and has antioxidant properties. Magnesium and potassium are also present in these beets; useful for the relief of feelings of fatigue.

Health benefits

If a food has health benefits as well as being good to eat, this is a major positive. Beet red microgreens provide several health benefits for people who eat them including:

  • assistance with digestion;
  • protection against certain cancers;
  • improvement in the health of sight;
  • improvement in metabolism;
  • help with anemia.

This is an impressive list of health benefits for this food.

Taste and use of beet microgreens

The beets can lose its flavour with harsh cooking. This is why many people prefer to eat it raw. It adds colour and crunch to a salad and is perfect to use when adding a little extra to a sandwich.

The leaves can be cooked in water for about twenty minutes then filtered out, leaving a drink that can help with urinary tract issues and constipation.

If beet red microgreens are cooked, they should be boiled or steamed, using as little water as possible. This helps to preserve the flavour so the result is delicious food that looks good and is full of nutrients which can help to improve health.

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