Why should I eat sprouts?

Grow your sprouts is healthy, funny, speedy and economic. Fresh sprouts give flavor to salad, soup, sandwich or frying, and they are great as healthy snack.

It is also a great way, for kids, to eat vegetables, for their well-being, without forcing them.

Are sprouts difficult to grow?

Sprouts are very easy and funny to grow. You can grow them in your kitchen, without take up space.

For this, they are great in office, to bring them during walks or training courses, to always have a charge of energy and well-being at your fingertips. You can also reed articles and see our tutorial videos.

Why do you prefer organic products?

Organic certificate products aren’t OGM, chemical and not treated with pesticides, as expected by mother nature. Organic is fantastic and permited to do a cultivation “from seed to table” and to fully enjoy the benefic proprieties of sprouts and microgreens.

Which is shelf life of seeds sprouts and microgreens?

Most seeds will sprout with a high germination rate for several years. After 2 o 3 years, germination rate decreases slightly.
By the way, keep in mind that the seeds are designed by nature to last a long time and ro continue to sprout.

Like wheat (“kamut”), found in the egyptian tombs, that still sprouts after thousands of years. Our seeds are packaged without oxygen, extending the seeds’ shelf life for 5/10 years without affecting the germination rate, with the agreement of close the package tightly once the seed to be cultivated have been taken.

If package arrives damaged, what should I do?

To know how to behave in case the book arrives damaged in some parts, consult the section “Guarantees and Recesses“.

How long will the goods take to arrive?

If you order within 12 am, we will deliver the package to the courier:

  • the same afternoon, for cash on delivery and credit card;
  • on the day we recive payment receipt, for payments by bank transfer

When the courier recive the package, delivery will be made within 24/48 hours (max 72 hours for disadvantaged areas).

Orders placed after 12 am will be delivered to the courier the next day.

To learn more about delivery times and shipping methods, see the “Shipping and Delivery” section.

What happens if the courier doesn't find anyone at home?

If courier doesn’t find anyone at home, he leaves a note with the courier’s details in the mail box to fix another delivery or to pick up the package at the courier’s office.

If you don’t call the courier, he will come back the day after. if also the secondo delivery don’t get it right and the you don’t contact the courier, package come back to the sender.

Can I delete my order?

In the moment we recive order, we prepare it immediately, therefore it isn’t always possible to cancel it.

If you have placed an order for a few hours, send an email at info@italiansprout.com, putting in object “order cancellation” and specifying the order number.

To not slow down the workfloe, we kindly ask you to not confirm any purchase that you aren’t sure to make.

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