A reference point in sprout seed sector, conventional and biological, for food use in national and international market. In our small way, we want to do the difference, one of our strengths are the relationship with customers. It’s part of the company policy to respond to all the emails sento to us on the same day, in order to always be presente in times of need, this is always be our strenght.

With a look to the future, we are sure to keep intact the principles anda values that have allowed us to have such a large and varied customer package. Our aim is to keep our structure always young and updated and to always be prepared in terms of sprouting seed and to offer good service.

Our secret is to treat our customers with respect and friendship, a good company is not only formed on the quality of the product sold but also by the passion and the competence of the people composing it and for us all this is a source of pride.

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